Frequently Asked Questions

What should my major be? 

Pre-Health (pre-med, pre-dentistry, pre-nursing, etc.) is not a major. The pre-health field chosen is simply the career goal one is working on while obtaining their bachelor's degree. With the help of the pre-health and major advisors, students will be able to integrate their major and career goal into one undergraduate academic plan.

While choosing a major, keep in mind, health professional schools do not require any specific major. However, they do encourage a broad general curriculum in the social sciences and humanities in addition to a high level of competence in the physical and biological sciences. Good communication skills are important, as well. Also, choose a major that will be enjoyed and can be used as a backup plan in case the health profession is no longer wanted.

For more infromation on specific majors, refer to the college student service link below:

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
College of Arts & Sciences

College of Education

College of Engineering, Architecture, & Technology

College of Human Sciences

Spears School of Business

What courses do I need for my health profession?

Under the admission requirement sheets tab, pre-requisite worksheets for area health professional schools are provided. These worksheets include courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, links to other admission requirements for that particular school, contact information, and more. Always check with the school of choice to make sure all requirements are met. 

Are shadowing and volunteering important? 

Yes, the earlier a student starts the better it benefits them. Waiting until the last minute is never a good idea.The more hours devoted to shadowing and volunteering, the more competitive the applicant becomes. Volunteering does not have to be health related. However, students should shadow a health professional in their chosen health profession.

How important are my grades?

Grades are very important. Health professional schools are interested in a student's math/science grade point average, as well as, their overall grade point average. The grade point averages differ for each health professional school. The student should check with the school of choice to find out what they are looking for in a student. 3.5 or above in the math/science and overall grade point average, should be considered competitive for most health professional schools.