Students interested in podiatric medicine should follow the advice given for medicine and must submit MCAT scores with their application. Students must carefully evaluate information on podiatry schools, since there is not a podiatry school located in Oklahoma.  Information on schools in the U.S. is available at AACPM (American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine).

MEDICAL COLLEGE ADMISSION TEST (MCAT):  The Medical College Admission Test is required of medical school applicants. Students should take it no later than August of the year in which the application is filed. It is best to complete the required courses before taking the MCAT. To prepare for the MCAT, students may obtain information at http://www.aamc.org/students/mcat/start.htm.

QUALITY OF CURRICULUM:  Pre-Podiatry students should choose a curriculum that demonstrates a capacity to handle the rigors of medical school.  If they choose the easiest curriculum they can manage, it will be obvious to the Admissions Committee that they have been protecting their GPA.  It will certainly deprive them of the level of preparation they need for professional school.

SHADOWING EXPERIENCE:  Pre-Podiatry students should test the depth of their commitment by getting direct exposure to the world of podiatry through visiting podiatry schools, talking and shadowing with practicing physicians, and keeping informed about new developments in podiatry education and podiatry practice.