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Undergraduate Preparation for Degree Programs Pre-Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences

Pre-requisite courses required to become a radiographer, sonographer, nuclear medicine technologist, and radiation therapist may be completed at Oklahoma State University.  To become registered in any of these professions, students, who meet requirements, must be accepted and transfer to an accredited program in radiologic technology. OSU students planning to complete all their education in Oklahoma have the following choices:

  • Two year associate degree (Radiography only): Bacone College, Rose State College, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Sayre, Tulsa Community College
  • Four year baccalaureate degree: University of Oklahoma College of Allied Health

OU-HSC Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences Advisement Worksheet

The advisement worksheet was prepared for OSU students planning to complete their education at the University of Oklahoma, and receive the B.S. degree in medical imaging and radiation sciences.  Students planning to major in radiography, sonography, nuclear medicine technology, and radiation therapy complete the same prerequisite courses prior to admission. Students planning to apply to medical imaging and radiation sciences school other than OU need to check the specific admission requirements of those schools by consulting the pre-medical imaging and radiation sciences advisor at the school of interest.


ELECTIVES:  Make up the balance of hours needed to equal 64 hours.


SHADOWING EXPERIENCE:  Pre-medical students should test the depth of their commitment by getting direct exposure to the world of medicine through working or volunteering in hospitals or nursing homes, visiting medical schools, talking with practicing physicians, and keeping informed about new developments in medical education and medical practice.


GRADEPOINT REQUIREMENT:  Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA in all college work attempted and have earned a "C" or better in required courses.  Average overall and sciences GPA's for successful applicants were 3.5.



American Society of Radiologic Technologists 



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