PAC - Pre-Health Advisory Committee Interview and Evaluation


Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PAC) Interview Overview of Process & Eligibility Requirements

Medical, Dental, Optometry or Physician Assistant                     2018 Application Cycle/2019 Program Entry

Traditionally, many health professions schools across the country encourage a committee letter of evaluation, also known as the OSU Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PAC) Interview and letter of evaluation service. While not required to professionally apply, a PAC evaluation and letter is highly recommended for many professional school applications in medicine, dentistry and optometry.

For OSU students planning to apply to professional medical, dental, optometry or physician assistant school: this committee letter service option is available to OSU students who meet the following minimum  requirements for consideration:

Requirements for Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PAC) Interview consideration:

  • 3.0 minimum: Overall Science & Math GPA
  • 3.0 minimum: Overall GPA (Cumulative)
  • Completed a minimum of 24 semester credit hours at OSU
  • Intend to apply for the 2018 application cycle/2019 program entry

Note: If you plan to apply in 2019 application cycle/2020 program entry, you are not eligible to interview at this time. Please plan to schedule your PAC Interview application in the next cycle. If you do not meet all of the requirements above, you would not be eligible for PAC Interview consideration at this time.

How the Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PAC) Letter Service process works:

  • OSU students who meet the eligibility requirements for consideration would submit their entire, completed:
  • PAC Interview Packet Cover Page & Requirements
  • Completion of the Application Requirements Checklist
  • Completion of Additional Documents Required
  • Submission deadline for ALL items above is: Friday, December 8, 2017 by 4:00pm (CST).
  • The OSU Office of Pre-Professional Academic Support Services will review your entire PAC Interview Packet Cover Page & Requirements and all completed, required documents to screen for candidate
  • Next, the OSU Office of Pre-Professional Academic Support Services select and schedule eligible students for their professional on-campus interview in the spring 2018
  • The pre-scheduled professional interview is conducted by the Pre-Health Advisor Committee at the OSU Please note that this is NOT a mock interview, it is an official interview which provides the committee the opportunity to evaluate you and provide an evaluation letter to admissions committees.
  • The Pre-Health Advisor Committee (PAC) evaluation letter is crafted to give admissions committees a picture of who a student is on the whole as a person and applicant.
  • After successful completion of the interview, the committee will provide professional committee letter and evaluation of your readiness to your chosen health profession in This committee letter can be used towards your professional school application.