Pre-Professional Development for Health Careers Elective Courses

UNIV 2511 - Introduction to Health Careers

Are you a first year student interested in a health career, but not sure which area? Or maybe you have a plan, but would like to learn more about the academic and career path. This seminar course introduces you to a variety of health careers and will help you understand how the y relate to each other. Guest speakers include admissions directors representing professional programs in Oklahoma who provide insight on preparation and success strategies during your undergraduate career.

Ideal for first-year students. One credit hour, Pass/Fail grading. 8 weeks, Fall only.   

UNIV 2611 - Health Portfolio Development

Have you made a decision? This short course, targeted toward second-year students, is designed for students who have committed to a specific health profession and want to understand the steps involved in developing a competitive undergraduate portfolio. It will be of value to students applying to health related doctoral programs such as Medical or Dental School, but it will also benefit those pursuing entry into non-doctoral programs such as Physician Assistant/Associate or Occupational Therapy.

Ideal for second-year students. One credit hour, Pass/Fail grading. 8 weeks, Fall only.

UNIV 3511 - Health Profession School Preparation

Are you preparing to apply? This short course is designed to provide the pre-professional student the necessary tools needed to apply to the graduate program. The class addresses the application cycle in depth. Topics include: the application timeline,  composition of the personal statement, admissions test preparation, interview skills, and additional components of the application process.

Restricted to third and fourth-year students who are initiating the application steps to graduate professional programs. One credit hour Pass/Fail grading, 8 weeks, Spring only.