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Office of Pre-Professional Academic Support Services: Pre-Health

We provide resources with a focus to assist with your holistic development towards your professional healthcare endeavors.  To grow into a holistically competitive healthcare candidate, it takes a strong commitment throughout the process.  Along your journey, you must consider and allow yourself time for:

Exploration of healthcare options and programs.

Professionalism to prepare for life-long healthcare provider skills.

Motivation and validation of what healthcare pathway is a right fit for me.

Academic Preparation which includes understanding admission prerequisites, course sequencing and professional school entry exams.

Non-Academic Preparation of your college-level experiences outside of the classroom.

Professional Application Preparation and Submission to know when you are holistically ready to apply.

Services Provided:

  • Pre-Health counseling appointments for all OSU students interested health professions including:
Chiropractic Medicine Optometry
Dental Hygiene Pharmacy
Dentistry Physical Therapy
Medical Imaging and Radiation Services              Physician's Assistant
Medicine (Osteopathic and Allopathic) Podiatry
Nursing Veterinary Medicine
Occupational Therapy  

040 Student Union – Basement – University College

  • 8-week course experiences to support your holistic development at different phases of your development, including:
  • UNIV 2511 – Introduction to Health Professions (fall semester)

Recommended for OSU freshman who wish to pursue a healthcare profession but not 100% sure of your healthcare pathway.

  • UNIV 2611 – Health Portfolio Development (fall semester)

Recommended for OSU freshman-sophomores who are 100% confident of their healthcare pathway and are ready to learn how to grow into a holistically competitive candidate.

  • UNIV 3511 – Health Profession School Preparation (spring semester)

Recommended for Juniors/Seniors who are preparing for their healthcare application within that year for personal statements, letters of reference (recommendation) and interview preparation.

  • Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PAC) interview and letter of evaluation process opportunities.
  • Enroll and be an active member of our OSU Pre-Health Community network portal. Access to: HIPPA Certification Training and Shadowing Network.
  • Connect with the OSU Pre-Health community, clubs and organizations.

Who we support:

We provide services to all Oklahoma State University Pre-Health students campus wide with any major who desire to pursue a professional education in healthcare.  Services are also available to OSU Alumni who pursue a non-traditional track towards professional school.  We assist OSU students at all stages of the pre-professional planning process; from career exploration to the matriculation process.