Pre-Health Advising at Oklahoma State University

Pre-Health advising is available for students, campus wide with any major, interested in the following: 

Chiropractic Medicine
Dental Hygiene
Medical Imaging and Radiation Services
Medicine (Osteopathic and Allopathic)
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Physician's Assistant
Veterinary Medicine 

In addition to advising, students will have access to a wide variety of opportunities. The combination of advising and opportunities will not only prepare students to become stronger applicants, but will give them the upper hand in today's highly competitive admission process.   

Here are just a few opportunities students can attain to sharpen their competitive edge:

  • Explore the different health professions
  • Understand pre-requisites and course sequencing
  • Enhanced pre-health professions development through elective courses
    • UNIV 2511 - Introduction to Health Careers
    • UNIV 2611 - Health Portfolio Development
    • UNIV 3511 - Health Profession School Preparation
  • Connect with on-campus health related clubs and organizations
  • Gain information on entrance exames, preparation strategies, and the application process
  • Interview and generate Letters of Evaluation through the Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Develop other components of a competitive application including:
    • Personal Statements
    • Interview Skills
    • Experience - Research, Clinical,Volunteering, and Shadowing
      • Shadowing Network available through D2L Pre-Health Community